1-day tuna fishing

Exciting fishing for the strongest fish in the Adriatic Sea
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You will meet the skipper in the morning at the port. He will first give you an outline of the day's fishing and familiarise you with your fishing gear, so that you are fully prepared when you catch a big fish. Then you head out to sea. You will try to catch the biggest tuna using a variety of fishing techniques, from bottom fishing, trolling, drifting and others. In addition, you can also catch any of the other big fish of the Adriatic Sea. During the fishing itself, the captain will make sure you don't get thirsty or hungry. Food prepared on the boat will give you the energy to fight the predators of the Adriatic. Your trip ends in the evening when, with a bit of luck, you'll help the captain unload a hefty catch of big tun.


Tuna are predators found in marine habitats. There are 15 species of tuna, ranging in size from 50 cm to 4.6 m and weighing 684 kg (bluefin tuna). Tuna is one of the few species that can maintain a body temperature higher than the water temperature. It is one of the fastest pelagic fish (fish that live in schools in the open sea to medium depths) because of its hydrodynamic body. Tuna weighing from 30 kg to 200 kg and more are found in the Adriatic Sea.

Toothfish is a marine fish belonging to the sprat family. It has a laterally compressed body, a high back and a metallic sheen. It can grow up to one metre in length and weigh up to 15 kg. The toothfish can be found in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic and the Atlantic Ocean, down to depths of 200m. It is mainly caught in August and September.

Swordfish can grow up to 450cm and weigh up to 680kg. It has a hydrodynamic, slender and elongated body, ending in a strong tail. It is one of the fastest fish, as it can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h. It is dark blue and brown on the back and silver and light grey on the belly. It has a small head with large eyes, but can see very well in the dark. It has a long and flat beak, which is }{actually an elongated upper jaw. They live in pairs or small flocks and are found almost everywhere. In the Mediterranean Sea they are most abundant off Sicily and Malta, in the Atlantic they are found mainly off the coasts of South America and Africa, and are less abundant off the coast of the USA. In our vicinity, they are most abundant in the southern and central Adriatic, as they live at greater depths.

Exciting fishing for the strongest fish in the Adriatic Sea
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Exciting fishing for the strongest fish in the Adriatic Sea
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Exciting fishing for the strongest fish in the Adriatic Sea
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Exciting fishing for the strongest fish in the Adriatic Sea
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Exciting fishing for the strongest fish in the Adriatic Sea
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Frequently asked questions

Each reservation is individually guided by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 fishermen.

If the skipper deems the conditions inadequate, the fishing shall be postponed to a later date to be agreed.

Tuna can be caught all year round, except in June when the fish spawn.

We recommend light clothing and a hat, sunscreen and plenty of good mood. We take care of all the fishing equipment.

Your captain and guide will be Robert.

As you are fishing with Robert, you do not need a fishing licence.

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