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Tuna fishing

Adrenaline fishing in the Adriatic


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3 days
A 3-day fishing adventure with big tunas and other predators of the Adriatic
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2 days
2 days fishing on the Queen of the Adriatic Sea
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Purpose of the day
Exciting fishing for the strongest fish in the Adriatic Sea
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About tuna fishing in the Adriatic

For years, the Adriatic Sea has been attracting fishing enthusiasts to try their hand at catching The Queen in this part of the Mediterranean - tuna. Only a few skippers in Croatia have a licence to fish for these fish, which means that tuna fishing is an exclusive adventurethat every fishing enthusiast wants to experience.

Your fishing adventure starts early in the morning, when you are met and greeted by our skipper on his yacht in the marina. By a short presentation and instructions for the hunt, you'll head out to sea in search of your catch for an unforgettable day.

You will visit some the most promising locations for hunting, where tuna are most often found. The locations are determined by the skipper based on several factors, and sometimes you will also follow the fleets of fishing boats, as tuna often swim behind them.

Fishing starts the moment you come across a school of tuna. From that moment on, no one on the boat will be bored, as fishing rods are ready for all the fishermen on board. In your struggles with giant sea bream the captain will help you.

To help you recover after an intense day of fishing, there will be food and drink. As befits a boat, refreshments will be homemade and seafood. They will be prepared by the skipper himself, who, in addition to his excellent knowledge of tuna fishing, also has a great deal of cooking skills.

When you're done fishing, you'll be smiling big and probably even bigger catches back to the marina in the early evening.

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Join our skipper on a full-day or multi-day fishing trip and enjoy an unforgettable fight with big tuna and a well-deserved seafood dinner.
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