About us

Discover an unforgettable fishing adventure with experienced skipper Robert, offering tuna fishing in the Adriatic Sea and culinary delights on board.

Hey! I'm Tina, the Manager of Lov na tune.

I mean a boat that will take you on an unforgettable adventure of tuna fishing in the Adriatic Sea. My story did not start yesterday; I am the son of a sea fisherman and I have been in love with the sea since I was a little girl. I spent all my summers on the coast, exploring and fishing in the Adriatic Sea.

The sea is like a second home for me. In my 35 years of experience, I have specialised in fishing for the big fish that the Adriatic offers in abundance. With my tuna licence, I have focused on these mighty predators. I deliver my catches to hotels and restaurants all over Europe, where quality and freshness are valued.

The sea is our second home

But my passion is not limited to fishing. Cooking is the other great love of my life. I have been a culinary enthusiast for more than 20 years. I have opened several restaurants around Slovenia and organised catering services all over Europe. This way I can ensure that you will enjoy not only fishing but also an exceptional culinary experience on board our boat.

What we offer

Our team offers fishing trips throughout Croatia. No matter where you stay, we always try to make fishing for these big predators possible. Our entire team boasts an excellent balance between young enthusiasm and the experience that comes from years of working in this field. We know all the local fishing grounds like the back of our hand and have years or even decades of accumulated knowledge.

Customer support

Our reliable and professional customer support is also at your disposal to help you make the best plans for your trip and accommodation. We are also happy to recommend the best local restaurants, sights to visit and other activities in your area of stay.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance

There's always room on our boat for passionate anglers, beginners or experienced. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to make your adventure as memorable as possible. Join us and experience the Adriatic the way I see it - as a beautiful but challenging world, offering endless possibilities to explore and enjoy.

Join our skipper on a full-day or multi-day fishing trip and enjoy an unforgettable fight with big tuna and a well-deserved seafood dinner.
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